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We are an experienced full-service clinic offering comprehensive bulk billed or health fund cover eye exams for both adults and children. We specialise in fast frame repairs performed onsite and 1-hour glasses with the latest technology for customised lenses. 

Healthy eyes start here. We offer Medicare bulk billed eye exams for both adults and children that cover vision and eye health. All of our exams are with an experienced optometrist and our team will even help you select the perfect frames.

Healthy eyes are an important part of a child’s development and can make a massive difference in their daily and school life. We offer bulk billed exams for kid of all ages and a selection of frames to suit all age groups.

Time is precious so we have introduced the 1-hour glasses. With the latest technology we can have your new glasses ready while you do some shopping. We also offer onsite repairs for frame, lens damage plus frame alignment

We understand vision can impact an active lifestyle and glasses are not for everyone. We offer a selection of the latest contact lenses. We have lenses for vision, fashion, short-term, or long-term wear.

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. Protecting our eyes from the harsh UV rays is crucial for our long-term eye health. We can customise any frames with your lens prescription, so looking good has never been so easy.

Growing in popularity, the Blue light glasses are designed for those of us who spend time on the computer and digital screens. We offer a selection of blue lenses and recommended a consultation around finding the perfect set for you!

Free Eye Testing

Healthy Eyes Start Here!

Our eyesight is one of our most important senses with around 80% of what we perceive coming through our sense of sight. Practising prevention for early detection of eye diseases or vision issues is crucial for our long-term eye health. Did you know wearing the wrong prescription can lead to headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and other complications?

Eye examinations is the first step to ensuring your eyes are at their best and that you’re wearing the right glasses for your eyes and your lifestyle. Here at Bella Vista we offer free eye testing through Medicare bulk billing.

An eye exam at Bella Vista Eyewear

All of our eye exams are performed by qualified and experienced optometrists. To keep our customers and team as safe as possible we are thoroughly cleaning our exam room after each use. We are limiting the number of people in the exam room to just the optometrist, clinical assistant, and the patient. However, where our customers are supported by a carer, the carer may also be present in the room if required.

All exams begin with a discussion around your visual symptoms, general health, and family/ medical history. Using the latest technology, we will assess your current level of vision and overall eye health. This is done through several painless tests and a comprehensive exam.

An eye exam at Bella Vista Eyewear

What to bring to my eye exam?

Kids Eye Testing

“Children see magic, because they look for it”

Children’s eyes are very special, especially in the early years when they are taking everything in. Healthy eyes are important to their overall development and around 1 in 5 children suffer from an undetected vision problem. Because children change and grow so rapidly, we recommend regular eye examinations from the age of around 3 years old. A good time might also be 6-12 months before they start school or if they are showing symptoms such as;

– Poor concentration span
– Holding a book too close to their face when reading
– Sitting too close to the television
– Frequently Rubbing eyes
– Red eyes

Testing their eyes before they start full time education allows us to identify any vison problems prior to going into the classroom and can improve their quality of learning and school life.

Kids Eye Tests
Bella Vista Eyewear

1 hour glasses

We understand life can be busy, so we have the 1-hour glasses service. It’s as simple as bringing in your prescription and current frames and will customize your new lenses with the latest technology and high-quality coating to suit your lifestyle and priorities. Need a new look? We have you covered. We do have some frames ready to go so all you need is your prescription and we can have your new glasses ready while you do some shopping!

Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses ​

Sunglasses are staple of the Australian wardrobe but did you know how important they really are? They can protect our eyelids from sun exposure causing damage, protect our eyes from the wind and dust whilst reducing headaches by protecting our eyes from the glare. Sunglasses also reduce strain and protect our eyes from irritation. At Bella Vista we take UV protection for our eyes seriously and can customises your favourite styles with prescription lenses so now you can see when you’re looking good!

We offer a large selection of sports & leisure sunglasses that we have hand selected not only for the style but also for their sun protection qualities. We recommended lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection to provide full protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Mens Sunglasses Greensborough
New Frames. Greensborough Optometry

Frame & Lens Repairs

We understand that accidents happen. Glasses can be fragile and like any accessory are subject to wear and tear. Here at Bella Vista Eyewear we have the latest equipment and technology to repair your frames & lenses. We also offer alignment and replacement if needed and the best part is most of our repairs can be done in-store either while you wait or while you do your shopping!

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been popular for decades for both vison and fashion. They allow compete freedom, can be worn with sunglasses and perfect for those who don’t like the hassle of carrying their glasses around.

It’s hard to believe that around 13% of Australians have had to stop participating in physical activity because of issues with their eyesight, because they feel they can’t wear contact lenses and activity can’t be done with glasses. Did you know there have been many advancements in lenses over the past few years? There are now hard and soft lenses with daily, weekly, fortnightly or extended wear options. There are now also contact lenses that are more suited for those who live an active lifestyle. 

Let our team find the perfect contact lens option for you and your lifestyle!

Contact Lenses

Our Tips For Contact Lenses

Blue Light Glasses


We see all visible light with the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Within this spectrum is the blue light waves which helps us stay upbeat and alert.

What does Blue Light do to my eyes?

With working from home the new normal, we are spending more time than ever in front of our computers with the average time on devices around 9-11 hours a day. The two biggest concerns with prolonged screen time are digital eye strain and blue light exposure. Blue light glasses have risen in popularity with many people claiming better sleep and less headaches.

Blue Light Headache Control

What gives off blue light?

Any light source gives off blue light including the sun- however it is the artificial blue light from digital screens (computers, TVs, phones, tablets) that we are spending prolonged amounts of time in front of.

Are Blue Light lenses for YOU?

Maybe! We do recommend them for anyone who spends large amounts of time on digital screens, especially at night time. Research does show that wearing blue light glasses 3-4 hours before bedtime can lead to better and more restful sleep. However we always recommend coming in store for an exam or consultation just to be sure or even for more information.

If you suffer with any of the symptoms below it might be time for an eye exam or to consider a Blue Light blocking lens –